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Before Kellyanne Conway coined the phrase “alternative facts,” many of us took it for granted that calling a fact “true” was redundant. Of course all facts are true, right?

Now we know better. Propaganda, fake news and partisan journalism have created dueling realities for us to contend with.

Big If True offers an alternative – non-partisan news and perspectives delivered from America’s heartland in Oklahoma City. Here you’ll find fact-checking, analysis and stories that hold the government and public figures accountable.

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Keep up with what we’re doing on Facebook, Twitter and TumblrSend comments, tips and suggestions to Mollie Bryant, editor and reporter for Big If True.

Bryant most recently was an investigative reporter for Oklahoma Watch and The Clarion-Ledger in Mississippi, where her work spurred an overhaul of state campaign finance laws. Before that, she was an education and enterprise reporter for the Amarillo Globe-News in Texas, where her investigative stories led to changes in the local police department, including the testing of one of the largest rape kit backlogs in the state. Contact Bryant at bryant@bigiftrue.org, 405-990-0988, on FacebookTwitter or Tumblr.